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I'm clearly doing well at this posting every day thing. Just have to remember to do it, but that's the problem.

Thursday was a normal day at work. I rode the bus, so I was out and back home rather early. Bus means I have to be up at 7 to catch the bus at 8 to get to work at 9, then first bus back at 4 gets me home at 5:30, or in this case, 6 since as it turned out, someone in a car shot up another car on 580, totally screwing up traffic. (My normal schedule when driving is to get out by 11 and to start heading home around 8 for traffic avoidance reasons.) I don't recall anything specifically interesting about the evening; probably spent it playing games.

On Friday we were warned that there could be rainstorms heavier than we had on Wednesday. My drive home then was a bit tricky, and I decided I didn't want a repeat, so I stayed home. My work group holds a weekly social on Fridays; this makes it two in a row I've missed. Again, I don't recall anything particularly noteworthy about the day.

Today (yesterday, really), I had been thinking of joining a waterfall hike, which would have meant meeting up at work at 7:30am to carpool over. I had set my alarm for 6:15 but it failed to go off; I woke up at 6:45 (the time I would have had to leave) and concluded that I wouldn't have been able to make it, so I wrote and went back to sleep. It feels weird to have been up much earlier than I tend to on weekends and still been too late for something.

A few random thoughts:

Rufus has taken his fluids and antibiotics reasonably well, which is to say, he complains about the fluids but barely puts up any resistance, and he seems to clamp his mouth closed once the antibiotic liquid goes into it, forcing some out. He is still disturbingly light, and will probably continue to be for the rest of his life.

We need to get the semiferal kittens out for fixing and stuff. I've probably talked at length about how I think we'll go about that before, but in a nutshell, starve and trap. OK, but now we actually have to do it. There's a place in Richmond that doesn't require reservations; the question is, do they also administer flea and worm remedies at the same time?

I've been shaving for the last couple of months with a safety razor (no, not the disposable cartridge kind, but the kind where you actually swap blades). It's worked pretty well, and I've gotten pretty good with it, so it's not so inconvenient now. I actually had the kit sitting around for awhile but it only got pressed into service when my electric razor disappeared on my Vancouver trip. I probably won't replace the electric razor now. No, I have no plans to try out a straight razor.

I've had a laptop (Dell XPS 15, the current generation with the high-resolution screen) sitting around for a little while now. Been meaning to turn it into a Linux workstation for various hacking sorts of things. I really should get on that. I have too many machines now, though... wonder if I should get rid of any?
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