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I see more people trying to make a daily habit of posting (after years of neglect). I suppose I can do the same. Since I'd want this more to be for my own information, though, I'm going to try to avoid posting anything that I don't think I'd find interesting in a year or two. Hopefully this doesn't turn into "nothing interesting happened today" ad nauseum.

It's been more than a year since my last post. In that time, the biggest changes were all cat-related.

Rhombus had a diabetic episode where his blood glucose skyrocketed along with his urine production, and this led to us dramatically changing the cat diet to reduce carbohydrates where we could. I suppose it largely worked, as the insulin dosage went up, then promptly went straight back down, and eventually got eliminated when he had an episode of hypoglycemia. He hasn't been checked since; I suppose we should do something about that.

In the meantime, we'd been feeding a stray cat outside since we moved here, and this summer, a second one showed up. And then she showed up later on with kittens. We had a communal "oh crap" moment and then decided to try to trap the kittens and socialize them. We have had all five of them in a room for about four months now, and while the mother is sweet and affectionate (thus furthering our suspicions that she was dumped here), the kittens are hitting a wall; they'll come out and eat in our presence and play with toys, but they don't like being approached, two of them are resistant to being touched, and all of them will hiss at us whenever we enter the room. Given their ages, I suppose it's unrealistic to plan for them becoming cuddly and adoptable. But I think we'd be fine with them running about the house as long as we didn't start finding messes in random places.

Sadly, that hasn't been all the fun. We discovered in November at Rufus's annual checkup that he had lost a ton of weight and was showing all the signs of chronic renal failure. So we again started tweaking the food mix, trying to eliminate phosphorus. Two weeks ago, we had a followup panel, and found that his numbers were continuing to go out of whack, and that he also might have a UTI in addition to the already-known stones, so we got antibiotics and a bag of fluids to administer subcutaneously. We had time to get one dose of fluids into him before we noticed that evening that he was wandering into litterboxes serially, trying to urinate. So we dragged him to the emergency vet who said that he was empty, but did a follow-on blood panel at the same time and found the numbers had gone very seriously out of whack. He spent two days there on strong antibiotics and continual fluid administration, and according to them, improved to the point where he was eating and being friendly. (We never noticed him ceasing to eat.) He's back now and we get to jab him with a needle every morning and drip 100 mL of fluid into him along with squirting liquid antibiotic down his throat. Fun.

Other than that, I'm still riding the bus to the Goolag. I've improved to the point where I can joke about getting fired for poor performance without actually worrying seriously that that might be the case. I got a Glass device last year for which I started wearing contacts. (And then I got one of the prescription ones, but I much prefer the other setup.)

So the last year is all fine and well, but what did I do today that's worth blabbing about? Well, I was sick (not sleeping yesterday so that I could watch the Olympic mens hockey gold medal game might have contributed to that), and unrelated to that, wandered over to the dentist for routine cleaning, where they found an out-of-control periodontal pocket that they filled with some kind of antibiotic. I'm to avoid poking under the gum with anything (floss, rubber tip) for two weeks.
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