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Life with eight cats got more {busy,expensive,troublesome} when we discovered that one of them had diabetes early this month. In addition to twice-daily insulin shots (which are surprisingly easy with adult cats), we've decided to put them all on wet food with minimal amounts of carbohydrates, and so the food costs have skyrocketed. (We used to have them on prescription dry food that cost maybe $60 every two weeks. In contrast, the two-week supply I got of wet food cost around $218.)

Plus, since the insulin shots need to be done on a set schedule and shortly after eating, one of us needs to get up every day around 8:30 to set up the morning meal. Since I've been alone this long weekend, and since I've done a lousy job of sleeping early, I haven't had the opportunity to catch up on sleep like I usually do on weekends. And let's not forget the various nicks and slices on my hands from dealing with aluminum cans. (Protips: sticking your hands into a sink full of soaking aluminum cans is a bad idea. And for the cans that need can openers, removing the entire lid is preferable to leaving it barely attached.)

We've also had the fun of rotating through a diverse set of brands and contents (flavours, perhaps, since every one I open smells like chicken liver to me), and after watching which ones disappeared most reliably, picked a subset to go with. Well, one of them didn't go over too well yesterday (much didn't get eaten, and, well, I'll leave it at that), and I wound up having to isolate a couple of cats (including the diabetic one) so that I could attempt to get something else into them. I mention this because I was aiming to climb into bed by midnight and wound up not turning the light off until 2. Sigh. And then I was up at 8:15 scrubbing out the cat bowls.

Oh well. At least the kitten is still adorably kitteny. I wish he wouldn't walk on my keyboard so much, though. (And why does he like licking and nuzzling my neck?)

Today, my back is tired from all the insulation hanging yesterday (at least, I assume so; hunching over my work laptop at the table also seems to cause its own trouble), so I have a built-in excuse to lounge on the couch. But first, there's the famous problem of what to eat for breakfast. I assume my Christmas dinner is going to be leftovers.
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