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Everyone's posting to LJ again, it seems, but either they've all moved onto different accounts or I've been mass-defriended or something. I ain't seen nuttin'.

Let's see... tomorrow makes it three weeks (well, almost, but I couldn't start on Jan 2 because it was delayed-New-Year's) at Google. I feel like I'm drowning in stuff to learn. My boss tells me that this will continue for several months... yikes. I can't shake the feeling that I'll never get it and I'll get punted out of the company in disgrace or something. Oh well; at least the free food is good and I've had plenty of "holy crap, that's neat" moments. Still, some of the other n00bs (er, Noogs?) have already gotten to checking in code, and I can't see myself doing that for another while yet.

Yesterday was dr4b's housewarming. I normally freak out about the prospect of parking in SF, but recent successes made me feel more optimistic about getting it right. So I drove in and wound up spending a bit over half an hour attempting to find parking in the Mission before declaring myself a failure and running back across the Bay Bridge. I wound up parking at the West Oakland BART stop and riding the train in. The really sad part is that if I had just taken BART in the first place, I would've been to her place an hour before I actually got there. I realize now that trying to find parking around there is harder because of the multitude of driveways there are and the resultant little sections of curb that look too small to fit a car, not to mention the cars that you hold up as you go along at 15 mph trying to figure out if what you're looking at is a viable space.

Last week, I hit Seattle for a visit with somelaurachick and c_wraith. The visit was fun, though I think my departure was well-timed, given how much snow had already fallen by the time I left and how much more came afterwards. I strongly believe I left my BlackRapid strap behind at a restaurant there, though, and I seem to be wimpifying considerably when it comes to air turbulence. I wonder why that is?

Oh, and I switched to Comcast Internet at home. The 10 Mbps upstream got me thinking that I really ought to see about offsite backups for my fileserver. Which got me thinking about Crashplan and how I wanted to check it out earlier but didn't for some reason. Which led me to discovering that the reason was because the Ubuntu upgrade process broke my system. Which now has me reconstructing the system in Arch Linux. Whee. Ubuntu is like the Windows of Linux distributions.
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