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2 months to the day of my last post. I'm still off Facebook; aside from missing posts that people talk about in IRC afterwards, I'm not feeling it at all, and the continuing news stories about Facebook willful privacy violation (they can say accidental all they want; I ain't buying it) makes me glad I am staying off. I can only hope the company dies in a fire along with Zynga.

From a coworker's tales, Robin and I decided to take hang gliding lessons. We managed 5 this summer before she broke her arm in a crash landing, thus bringing our lessons to a screeching halt. She's still recovering; I'm surprised she wants to keep on going after, but I'm not complaining. (I broke a hang glider the lesson before with another hard landing, so I guess I'm lucky since I could have been the one with the broken arm.)

I also got a new laptop, and proceeded to spill coffee inside of it (well, I had a cup on the table, and came back to find it upended). HP offered to sell me an accidental damage warranty after the fact, so I got it fixed for $109. Some craftsmanship issues on the repair; though... not thrilled about that. The laptop is an HP EliteBook 8760w with a DreamColor screen; dang, that thing is intense. If it weren't for that screen, I would've gone with the MacBook Pro 17 instead. (What is it with that being the only current generation laptop with a 1920x1200 screen?)

Other than that, I visited SLC over Labor Day and somelaurachick dropped by the week before Thanksgiving, and I'm planning on another southern Utah trip for a week around Christmas.
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