? (zqfmbg) wrote,

Just booked flights for this year's Hot Tub. The last leg is a United 777 from Denver, which gets me wondering: what planes have I been on?

The list, with carriers in parentheses:

A319 (AC)
A320-200 (AC, DL)
A380-800 (LH)
B727-200 (AC)
B737-200 (AQ), 300 (LH, WN), 400 (AS), 500 (WN), 700 (AS, AQ), 800 (WS)
B747-100 (NW, JA), 200 (SQ), 300 (SQ), 400 (SQ, QF, NZ)
B757-200 (NW)
DC-9-30 (AC, NW)
DC-10-30 (NW)
MD-80 (AS)
L1011 (AC)
D8C-100 (AC)
BAe 146-200 (AC)
E-120 (OO)
E-190 (AC)
CRJ-100 (AC, OO)
CRJ-200 (AC)

I don't think that's complete, but that's quite a list. The interesting hole is that I haven't ever been on any A330s or A340s ever, but I have been on every current model of B747. Of course, that'll change in a little while...
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