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Cleaned the gas grill today. I smell like I've been cooking but I don't have the cooked food as compensation.

I kind of feel like I should finish describing my Germany trip, but I don't want to spend a lot of effort on it. Let's see... we were in Marburg when it ended, right? So this happened next:

- Wandered through the botanical garden (really a park around a lake) in Marburg
- Visited the Elisabethkirche and walked out with a few postcards and a CD of organ music
- Dropped by the Dornröschenschloss and paid a euro each to walk around in castle ruins covered in scaffolding and construction tape while a storm blew through
- Tried to find a place to stay in Hameln and failed, so we went past to Hannover instead
- Saw a bunch of old building in Hannover
- Discovered yarn shops in the Hannover area are closed on Sundays
- Filled up the gas tank (that A160? 77 euros...)
- Visited the Weltvogelpark which is apparently the largest bird park in the world, or second largest, or something like that
- Swore at the road spaghetti in downtown Bremen
- Filled up the gas tank again before returning the car (around 25 euros, so over 100 total... ugh)
- Sat through several days' worth of conference sessions with only a few hours total to walk around Bremen
- Ate a lot of pickled fish
- Rode the A380 back (very last row in the lower level of the plane, woo)

Fun? Sure, though next time I go, I think I want to do a crash course in German first.
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