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Something actually worth writing about.

As some of you know (I think, anyway; it seems like different people have different pieces of it), I'm making a trip out to southern Utah to wander around and try to get into Coyote Buttes. Part of this is because one of my friends was born on Dec 30 and wants to meet up in Vegas, and part of this is because I already have a Coyote Buttes North permit for Jan 20 and want to nose around early. (Quickie trip itinerary: Vegas tonight, Kanab UT tomorrow and until Wednesday, Vegas until Jan 2 or 3, home.)

Anyway, because of my coworker (now boss) Nate, I wound up getting a Priceline deal for one night at Trump Las Vegas ($100; the going rate seems to be at least $155, so not bad). I feel like such a fish out of water. Valet is mandatory, but included in the $20 resort fee that's tacked onto the bill. The restaurant here (DJT) was fully booked for the night, but I wonder if I just wasn't properly dressed. Don't know tipping etiquette (though nobody has even so much as hinted; maybe they just don't worry about it, seeing as how so many ethnicities come through that door). The list goes on.

And the room is funny. This is a "condo hotel", so you're provided with a range stove, a toaster, and a sink with a garbage disposal. The mirror in the bathroom has a TV in it. There's a phone right next to the toilet. One lamp isn't plugged in for some reason. There's a tic-tac-toe set on a glass table with 5 Os and 4 Xs. The bath towels are kept under the hand towel rack. They stuck a gold foil T on the toilet paper. (I'd bet that you're not supposed to flush that.)

It seems to deliver pretty well on the basic requirements; the bed is very comfortable, and the bathroom is otherwise almost palatial (the TV remote next to the sink being highly amusing). I should get a decent rest, and maybe get up early tomorrow.

So, with DJT fully booked for the night, the DJT bar being almost filled with people (and me being too shy to approach any possibly empty seats), and the room service menu being uninspiring, I looked online. And found some review of DJT suggesting just walking down the street to the Wynn and hitting the buffet. So I wandered out.

The Wynn has a Ferrari store which is closed, which probably sets up this bit: after passing that, I wandered by a crowd gathered around a powder blue sports car. Big square-like air intakes on the left and right. I wonder if it looks familiar, and which Ferrari it is. Walk around to the back -- no, it's a Lambo. I fail. (I wondered why the crowd was keeping their distance; maybe the owner had yelled at them or something, though he didn't say anything to me, so maybe not.)

In I go looking for the buffet. Must've walked by a floor map, because I walked around and got really lost. The place is humongous and the floor with all the video terminals is scary. Eventually, I figure out I have to go around them to the other side. I find the buffet; $45 for holiday dinner, and there's a lot of people standing on the inside, presumably in line for it. No thanks.

I wound up eating somewhere else there (great wine, awesome salad, disappointing osso buco) and walking back. (A lot of women seem to want to dress up there, and by dress up, I mean squeeze into a tight and unreasonably high-bottomed dress and wear stilettos. Yikes.) As I approach the front door to the Trump, I pass by a sign saying that they have free shuttles to the Wynn that leave often. Whoops!

I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. The BLM field office in Kanab isn't open on weekends, so if I get there during the day, I can't do anything about Coyote Buttes then. But maybe I could check out Bryce or something. Alternately, I could see what else there is to see around here, but I dunno. See one casino; see them all. (Then again, free parking, so I could challenge that assumption. But holy cow, the traffic on Las Vegas Blvd is a bit off-putting.)
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