? (zqfmbg) wrote,

It's a new year, and as usual, I'm late. Well, I guess I'm only late in the sense that I haven't done any of the usual new year/decade stuff everyone else seems to be doing. I'm not going to bother, though; the three of you who read this can bug me if you want, and I'm sure I'll say something like "I resolve to eat more fish".

I'm supposed to be doing work, so I'll try to write more later (or not, depending on who actually reads this, and yes, I'm watching you through my computer screen, and please put them back on). In the meantime, I just wanted to say: eglBindAPI is one of the biggest kludges I've seen in a long while. I think I know why they went with it, but still. Eww eww eww. It makes baby hackers cry.
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