? (zqfmbg) wrote,

Weekend plans! I suspect most everyone who cares knows, but just in case...

I'm heading up to BC to spend the holidays with my folks. I leave here on Saturday (ideally before 9am, but we'll see if I even am awake at that point) and plan to crash in Portland for the night. c_wraith generously volunteered sleeplessone's place for a meetup, so if you don't already know, and want to wander out to, say, throw pies at me or something, there you go.

I intend to proceed up to Seattle on Sunday afternoon. For now, I've proposed meeting up at Acme Bowl late afternoon to early evening, less so for what it's got and more so because I know where it is and it's kind of between Seattle and Tacoma. This is a bit of a question mark; I realize some people (firesplace comes to mind) may not want to wander down, so I'm open to doing something totally different, or stopping in multiple places. But then I realize most people probably have work during the week. (I don't have much of a time limit, myself; I want to be at my parents' place by Tuesday afternoon, but that's it.)

I'll probably blow right through both places and stop in Corvallis on the way home.

So, besides the people who responded on Facebook: is anyone else interested in meeting up?
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