? (zqfmbg) wrote,

On a whim I picked up David duChemin's three available e-books ($5 each, pixelatedimage.com). I already went through his first book and, while it doesn't directly affect what I'm trying to do (the book, I feel, is more angled towards people photography and photojournalism), it was a very interesting read. So I decided it was worth $15 to find out what else he had to say.

The first one, simply entitled Ten, is a "top ten"-like of suggestions to improve your photography. The first one: "Get pickier." As someone with nearly 35,000 images under his belt so far (some of which are actually okay), I definitely could stand to do that. But this bit really got me snickering:

"Once the initial thrill of using a camera begins to wear off in exchange for the thrill of creating great images, and you've got all the requisite shots of cats and your own feet out of the way, start getting pickier, more selective."

Touché. (How many hundreds, no, thousands do I still have to go through, and how many am I not permitted to delete...)
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