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I guess I'm updating this thing on a weekly basis now. Certainly not planned, but I am amused that the previous two entries fall into that.

Anyway, Robin took this weekend to go visit her family down south, leaving me with three days to fill. For the first one, I did some cleanup around the house; not as much as I would like, but it seems like house cleanup these days is pretty much a Sokoban puzzle where stuff needs to be moved so that other stuff can be moved into its place. Pretty frustrating, but given the difficulty, I suppose I should still be pleased that I managed to get something done. (In theory, I have loads of space that I could free up by getting rid of junk and/or better arranging it. In practice, I just end up throwing random things into boxes, which doesn't really deal with the underlying problem.)

Later that evening I decided to see about fixing my little brother's laptop. 5 minutes at 375 degrees did in fact restore it to working order, though I ended up having to take it apart the following night because I put some screws in the wrong places. (HP's service manual does not accurately describe the types of screws used or their locations, so I don't think it's my fault.)

I had been planning on exploring the Marin headlands on Saturday morning, but brilliantly stayed up until sunrise. The afternoon saw me continuing with cleanup and laptop reassembly. I had a standing invite to a party, which I did eventually convince myself out to, but as tends to happen at large parties where I know only a few people, I never really felt like I should be there, and did eventually glaze over and sneak out early. (It sure seems like I've socially regressed bigtime in the last 7 or 8 years, but now I don't even know what to do about it.) I suppose the cats needed feeding anyway, too.

On Sunday I met up with Robin's mom and we dropped by the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. Small place, but pretty interesting, especially the injured birds kept above that look like stuffed animals until you notice that they move. I should've asked to use a ladder or something similar, though I probably would've been denied since they have signs telling people not to let their kids sit on their shoulders.

Long weekends and large expanses of time always leave me with mixed feelings. I suppose there's no point in going through all that again, though. There's an SHDH coming up that I probably should make myself go to, even though I don't have anything going on at the moment. (I could, though; there's other IIDX hacking that I could do, and it'd be way different from the usual web/iWhatever/cloud/network/blah stuff that people typically bring to work on.)

Today I find myself with a sore throat. I wonder what or who from.
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