? (zqfmbg) wrote,

Reconsidering once again. ESXi's network performance for Solaris tops out at 12 MB/s (using a virtualized E1000 adapter), and for a 32-bit Ubuntu VM without the VMware tools (and thus using the virtualized AMD PCnet32 adapter), 6 MB/s. (Copying a file from the Solaris VM to the Ubuntu VM did 6, so it's not the physical networking hardware, which for this box is an Intel 82574L on PCIe x1.)

I can live with both, but uh, this isn't why I upgraded my home network to gigabit. Sigh. Another experiment is in order, this time a straight Linux-to-Linux copy to try and determine an upper ceiling.

Still haven't eaten; I have taken pictures of my phone and a hamper of clothing. Trying to decide between staying local (and checking out Quarry Lakes) or going to SF and sticking my head in at Golden Gate Park. Heh, by coincidence, today's the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair, though I don't think I want to hang out there just to wait for the signal.
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