May 11th, 2011

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I'm in Frankfurt and feeling like a banana out of water. Or something like that. I suspect my crappy attempts to read sentences out of a German phrasebook along with the people here seeming to know English pretty well will suffice (I am honestly very impressed with how some of them have picked up American slang, though perhaps I shouldn't be), but I'm still a little apprehensive. I guess most tourists are like that, though.

The flight over was actually quite nice, all things considered. For a 10 1/2 hour flight, it didn't actually seem that long. The A380 is a very quiet plane, especially in the back; it's possible to have conversations in low voices. Lufthansa makes the entire lower deck economy, so I was able to wander almost from front to back (the exceptions of course being the stairwells up and the cockpit). I wanted to look around upstairs, and was told that maybe there would be time when we landed, but it took so long for people to start getting off it that by the time the aisles had cleared, the cleaning crew was already coming in, so we had to hurry off.

I reserved two nights at a hotel here, and was told by a few of my coworkers that they didn't think it was worth staying longer than one night, so I felt bad about that. No need. We arrived around 2, got here around 3, Robin crashed half an hour later, and I followed suit an hour after that. With one night already gone, we have today and maybe some of tomorrow to spend here, and then we're off for who knows where. (We haven't figured that out yet; we just know we need to be in Bremen on Sunday.)